NYC City Hall Wedding Photos: Hillary and Declan

These lovely multicultural NYC City Hall wedding photos show just what we love about elopements. They’re inexpensive, fun, fast… and utterly photogenic.

Hillary’s family is Puerto Rican, Declan is from Ireland. They come from extremely different backgrounds and work in completely different fields (Hillary is a dancer; Declan is a white collar type). But, as Declan said, they share the same “unique worldview.” They have the same taste in music, film, food, and fun.

That’s what matters, right?

They wanted a simple, affordable wedding in NYC — and for that, there’s nothing better than nuptials at City Hall. In fact, that’s what Kyo and I did when we got married!

Luckily, NYC totally overhauled their City Hall marriage facilities in 2009, so it’s a lot nicer now than it was when we got hitched (way back in 2002!). The city created a new computerized system to streamline the bureaucratic process, so couples don’t have to wait as long as they used to. They upgraded the restrooms with makeup tables and full-length mirrors. They installed a newly designed chapel space. And they added a gift store for fresh flowers, disposable cameras, and — of course — NYC souvenirs.

All in all, it was a $12.3 million upgrade. Nice to know that it will set you back a grand total of $60 to get married at the Office of the City Clerk! ($35 for the marriage license, and $25 for the ceremony.)

If you’re wondering how much Hillary’s gorgeous bouquet cost, we don’t have the exact price, but we can tell you that they procured it at the exquisite Home-Coming florist/boutique/coffee shop in Greenpoint.

Congratulations to Hillary and Declan, and may you share your “hidden smiles for each other” every day of the year for the rest of your lives. 🙂

bride smiles at camera carrying pink, fuschia and white bouquet while father congratulates groom at NYC City Hall wedding. Homecoming florist. Elopement wedding photographer.Portrait of bride with lace trimmed veil during NYC City Hall elopement wedding Pink, fuschia and white wedding bouquet lies on reflective surface with bride in background. Homecoming florist. NYC City Hall elopement photographer.Bride and groom lean back in chairs to smile at one another as witness signs their wedding certificate during NYC City Hall wedding. Bouquet in bride's lap. Long veil pooled on floor. Summer NYC elopement wedding. Homecoming florist.NYC City Hall wedding photos: black and white photo of bride and groom's first kiss as man and wife. Bride's hair braided crown. NYC City Hall elopement photographer. Summer NYC wedding photo. bride and groom kiss outside City Hall as guests throw petals. NYC City Hall elopement photographer. Black and white wedding photography. Summer NYC wedding. NYC City Hall wedding photos: Bride and groom smile at one another outside City Hall. Pink, fuschia and white bouquet, groom wears light gray linen suit. Small trees in the background. Summer NYC City Hall wedding photos. Homecoming florist.


Ceremony Venue: Manhattan, NYC City Hall | Florist: Homecoming

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