Princeton university wedding portrait

Princeton university wedding portrait

Princeton Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Although Kyo has been a same sex wedding photographer before, our past LGBT clients had requested us not to share their images publicly. So we were very happy when Greg and Jeremy enthusiastically gave us permission to post highlights from their wedding on our Facebook page and blog. And we were doubly happy when we got a huge stream of compliments on the photos from their wedding, both from people who knew Greg and Jeremy personally, and from complete strangers.

Greg and Jeremy got married at Princeton University Chapel and celebrated with a reception at the Hyatt Regency Princeton. In between, Kyo spent some time with them on campus, taking portraits and capturing their buoyant, infectious smiles.

As you can see from this photo, the two of them have upbeat personalities that can’t help but make you smile. No surprise that they had a big wedding with lots of friends and family. This was the only time during the day when Kyo captured the two of them alone together.

They also have great style. They wore matching navy suits with contrasting ties, boutonnieres, and socks. Greg wore orange argyle socks with a pale orange calla lily boutonniere, while Greg wore purple argyle socks with a fuschia calla lily boutonniere. Their florist was one of our favorite flower designers in the Princeton area, Monday Morning Flowers.

This picture is one of Kyo’s favorite types of images to capture. The wedding couple shortly after the ceremony, alone together, full of joy and happiness and savoring the momentousness of what has just happened. It doesn’t matter whether the couple is straight or gay, Christian or Muslim, black or white…. it’s simply a matter of capturing two human beings full of love for each other.

Princeton University Chapel
Address: Princeton, NJ 08544
Phone: (609) 258-3047
Opened: 1928
Architectural style: Collegiate Gothic