Simple Wedding Decor Ideas

Simple Wedding Decor Ideas

A wedding is made up of a lot of little decisions. Many of these decisions are straightforward:

Local or destination wedding?
Band or DJ?
Indoor or outdoor ceremony?

But then there are some questions that seem to have an endless list of potential answers, things like which flowers to choose and what type of dessert(s) you want. These can be the harder questions to answer because there are so many options, and it’s not exactly black and white. 

For a lot of couples, the endless number of tiny little choices is what leads to decision fatigue.

And, while you can always call on friends and family to help and weigh in, or hire someone to decide for you if it’s in the budget, sometimes you just need to simplify!

So we thought it might be helpful to focus today on beautiful and simple wedding decor ideas. We put together some wedding decor ideas that we love because they have a big impact, they’re simple to put together, and they’re easy to love. They’re total no-brainers, perfect for when you need a brain break!

We hope you’ll enjoy (and find some relief in!) this list of lovely but simple wedding decor ideas.

Simple Wedding Decor Ideas

Add an unexpected touch to your flowers

If you’d like to add a little personal flair to your flowers, you’re in luck! There are so many creative ways we’ve seen couples do just that. Some of our favourites are:

Fabric Flower Wraps

Try fabric to accent your flowers! This is a really nice way to carry your wedding theme through to the ceremony without being too theme-y. Some of our favorites have been tartan, kente cloth, and sari fabric. 

This can be a fun thing to do with your bridesmaids before the wedding! Get together to make your own bouquets and then wrap them. A little hot glue to secure the fabric is all you need! If your florist is making bouquets for you then it’s an even easier DIY night!

Fall Wedding Ideas
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Add A (Not-So) Edible Garnish

If you want to add a little spice to your decor, why not add something edible? Incorporating chili peppers, berries, fruits, or nuts is such a unique and memorable idea, which is what we like most about it. Details like this add so much personality to your wedding, and are a definite conversation-starter for your guests.

Fall Wedding Ideas

Go Green With Potted Plants

Simple Wedding Decor Ideas

We love the idea of using potted plants and herbs for table decor. Plants feel homey and offer a certain warmth to any tablescape. When it comes to wedding decor, this one is a big win-win in our minds! You get to create something that’s reusable, affordable and lasting, and your guests will be thrilled to bring them home afterwards!

Simple Wedding Decor Ideas

Have Fun with Your Table Cards

Table cards are an often-overlooked way to add tons of personality to a wedding! You might be surprised to know that you can use almost anything to display and hold table cards. It’s a great opportunity to make a simple little tweak that has a ton of impact and personality (and is a lot of fun for guests!)

Love wine? Use wine bottle corks.
Is your nickname for your partner ‘Koala Bear’? Find some little Koala toys!
Kids at heart? Use matchbox cars.

Including your guests in a small, but personal detail of your life together will make them feel really special!

Simple Wedding Decor Ideas
Fall Wedding Ideas
Simple Wedding Decor Ideas

Use Twinkle Lights Liberally

Twinkle lights are one of the best simple wedding decor ideas out there. They’re the most inexpensive yet effective way to add a feeling of festivity, and they make everything seem a little prettier. 

And, there are so many ways to use twinkle lights! They make a beautiful table runner when folded into greenery, they brighten up fireplace mantles, and they can be strung overhead to brighten and outdoor evening. You can even put them in little jars to mark an aisle or pathway.

In our eyes, twinkle lights can do no wrong. These are some of our favorite twinkle-light adorned reception spaces:

Greenery & Tea Light Centrepieces

If you’re looking for an affordable way to decorate your reception space that looks modern and feels elegant, combine mixed greenery with tea lights. It’s a great option if your budget is tight, but you still want your decor to feel lush and plentiful. 

One of our favorite ways to use this look is as a table runner, down the center of your longer tables. 

This is a small but mighty tip because it ticks so many boxes in that it is A) very affordable; B) really beautiful; and C) it doesn’t affect the line of sight for your guests who want to be able to see you during speeches.

Simple Wedding Decor Ideas
Simple Wedding Decor Ideas

Suspend Flowers From Branches

If you’re having an outdoor wedding and you’d like to add a little romance and whimsy to your decor, try suspending glass flower vases from branches! This one is great because it’s so easy to do, and it’s affordable because you can often borrow small jars from family and friends or purchase very simple matching jars at most dollar stores. 

Plus, you can really customize this look to match your wedding style. You could also choose to add ribbon, or alternate between different sized jars with a mix of candles and flowers. 

A mix of borrowed jars with lace will give a bohemian vibe, mason jars and twine are perfect for a rustic look, and a set of simple, matching jars hung with fishing line will be clean and elegant.

Do you have any other beautiful and simple wedding decor ideas that we missed?

Let us know in the comments or get in touch!

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