Documentary photography for warm, relaxed weddings

If you think that warm and relaxed beats formal and flawless, that friends and family are most lovable when they’re most themselves, and that the best photos don’t remind you how something looked but how it felt… you’ll like us.

Kyo and Janna

Kyo is an easy-going, calm, and unobtrusive presence. With a background in both fine art and photo-journalism, his goal is to create timeless documentary photographs about you and the people you love. Pictures that you will share with your friends and family for decades to come – in fact, that your family will treasure even long after you are gone.

Janna is the designer; the keeping-things-organized person; the writer. Passionate about books, art, and visual story-telling (her background is in publishing), she designs all the albums, framed art, stationery, and other custom pieces for our clients.

Both of us are foodies, and we love travel and spending time in nature.

Kyo’s favorite way to relax is mountain-biking. Janna meditates, and cooks.

Kyo and Janna are married and have two rambunctious, funny, and beautiful kids.

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Statue of Liberty wedding photo photographed by Kyo Morishima

You have made my day with these pictures! I am smiling ear-to-ear

Upper East Side Lotos Club wedding photographed by relaxed documentary wedding photographer Kyo Morishima

You are now our family photographers! To years of joy!

Documentary wedding portrait against the sky photographed by Kyo Morishima

The pictures are even better than we could have imagined.

Spring Lake New Jersey backyard wedding candid dance portrait by Kyo Morishima

Each picture is better than the last -- I have too many favorites!

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