Kids portrait picture books at Junebug!

This Saturday, June 10th, we will be exhibiting from 6 to 10 pm at the Metuchen Junebug Artfest, an art festival along Main Street downtown featuring local artists and performers. We’ll be showing custom picture books designed from our documentary-style kids portrait sessions.

We are super excited about these books because they are a little unusual. We create a story using photographs from a family’s documentary portrait session, and print it as a hardcover storybook. So kids have a totally unique bedtime story starring… themselves!

Here are some examples of books we’ve created:

Custom board book story featuring documentary-style outdoor kids portraits with dogs at Cheesequake State Park in New Jersey, by NJ family photographer Kyo Morishima

The Stick is a custom board book featuring the story of a little boy who finds a magnificent stick. But he isn’t sure he wants to share it with his dogs. Kyo photographed these candid-style outdoor portraits at Cheesequake State Park in New Jersey.

Candid kids portrait photographer NJ: a custom photo book story about two young brothers' adventures with quality time. A great example of documentary photography in the home.

What Time Is It? is a custom photo book about two young boys’ adventures with quality time at home in Montclair. This is a great example of how much fun you can have with documentary photography in the home. Inside, outside, just hanging out and having fun together on a regular day…. It’s so wonderful to capture a snapshot of your family in time and preserve it in a lively, vivid book that will become only more meaningful as the years go by.

"My First Gymnastics Competition," a custom photo book about a young gymnast's first gymnastics meet at Starstruck in Atlantic City, by NJ children's photojournalistic photographer Kyo Morishima.

“My First Gymnastics Competition” is a custom beginning reader about a young gymnast’s first competitive meet at Starstruck in Atlantic City. We printed this book both as a hardcover to be saved for the future, and also as an inexpensive paperback. That way, the kids could read it again and again and not worry in the least about a dog-eared copy!

Kyo loves being a candid kids photographer and capturing their expressions as they go about everyday life. Children are so curious, open, and expressive — we find a story unfolding at every family photo shoot, just by nature of the kids’ energetic exploration of what’s happening around them!

As the Indian activist Kailash Satyarthi said, “Look at the world with the child’s eye: it is very beautiful.”


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