Central Park Engagement Photos: Rachel and Babak

If you’re a fan of Central Park engagement photos, take a peek at these highlights from Rachel and Babak’s enchanting afternoon.

Rachel and Babak are one of the sweetest couples we’ve ever encountered. So gentle with each other and utterly open and welcoming to both friends and strangers. As Rachel told us, “We both love each other’s kind hearts.”

For their winter season engagement session, they decided to go for a walk through one of their favorite places in NYC: Central Park. The trees were almost bare but there were still the last hints of fall leaves on some of the branches, including a golden-hued willow tree by the pond. It almost looked like they had planned a specific color palette for their photo shoot: blue (Babak’s suit), black (Rachel’s chic jacket), and gold.

They started at The Pond, then stopped by the Bethesda Fountain and walked the graceful stone steps at Bethesda Terrace, and ended with a hot dog (Babak’s idea — he made Rachel laugh!) and a stroll along The Mall.

Rachel works in the fashion industry, so it’s no surprise that their portraits evoked a tone of classical elegance. But if the fashion industry has a reputation for being haughty and standoff-ish, it must not have touched her in the least.  We love how she combines style with such emotional warmth — and the obvious way that Babak loves her for it.

Congratulations, Rachel and Babak!

Central Park engagement photos at the pond in winter with last remnants of fall foliage visible. Central Park engagement photo at Bethesda Fountain; woman wears black jacket and man wears royal blue suit.Couple laughs together in wintertime Central Park engagement portraitCouple smile and look into each other's eyes on the steps of Bethesda Terrace for Central Park engagement photoEngagement photo kiss with yellow-leaved willow tree in the background at Central ParkCandid engagement photo at Central Park on the stone steps at Bethesda Terrace, photographed in winterFunny Central Park engagement photo as man offers his fiancée a hot dogWinter engagement photos in Central Park: couple kisses on the Mall with bare branches overhead and crowd in the background


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