Terhune Orchards Engagement: Claire and Steven

Claire and Steven are getting married in Princeton, and Claire grew up in the Lawrenceville area. So when they told us they wanted Terhune Orchards engagement pictures, it made perfect sense.

Terhune Orchards is one of our favorite engagement photo locations in New Jersey. It’s a sprawling pick-your-own farm sandwiched between Princeton and Lawrenceville. With numerous fields and orchards, old farm equipment, big red barns, and a picturesque farm store, there’s a plethora of lovely backdrops for photographs.

Claire and Steven live in Boston, so they didn’t have a lot of flexibility in scheduling their engagement shoot. It had to be in late fall. We crossed our fingers that the weather would cooperate, and it did, beautifully. It was brisk but sunny. The long oblique rays of the late afternoon sun tinged their pictures with a luminous golden hue.

The other great thing about having engagement pictures at Terhune Orchards is that you can stop by the farm store to pick up some fresh vegetables and cider doughnuts at the end of the photo shoot. Before Kyo wrapped up, Claire and Steven grabbed cups of steaming hot apple cider. Kyo captured them as they sat on a bench in front of the red barn, enjoying the fragrant steam from the cider, leaning over for a kiss.

Farm engagement photo NJ: a couple walks down a cornfield path at Terhune Orchards in PrincetonFall engagement picture tinged with golden hour sunlight, photographed at Terhune Orchards in Princeton, NJA kiss at Terhune Orchards, photographed on a brisk fall day by NJ engagement photographer Kyo MorishimaA couple laughs during engagement session at one of NJ's best outdoor photography spots: Terhune Orchards in Princeton.A couple sits on wooden crates surrounded by mums and kisses during their Terhune Orchards engagement shoot. One of NJ's best photoshoot locations, Terhune Orchards is located in Princeton.One of the best photography spots in NJ: the red barn at Terhune Orchards in Princeton. In this engagement picture, a couple hold cups of steaming hot apple cider and give each other a kiss.

Photoshoot Location: Terhune Orchards, 330 Cold Soil Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540. Tel: (609) 924-2310 Email: info@terhuneorchards.com

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