Our Approach to Wedding Photography

The People

For us, the most important aspect of a wedding is the people. Getting married is one of the most momentous occasions in your life, not only for you, but also for your parents, grandparents, families and friends. It’s not every day that so many of your closest friends and family come together in one place to celebrate you. We want to capture the feelings, the expressions, the funny and tender moments, the surprises — all the little moments that add up to something unforgettable.

The Process

So that’s our artistic and emotional goal, but we also have a practical goal. Weddings are complicated and expensive affairs, and planning them can be stressful and overwhelming. We want to make the experience as smooth, seamless, and meaningful as possible. Not to mention, fun!

The Relationship

And finally, we think it’s really important that you connect with us, and we connect with you. Since Kyo will be trailing you all day on an incredibly important day in your life, and Janna will be working with you in the weeks and months beforehand and afterward, it’s ideal if we feel totally comfortable with each other. We really love working with laid-back people with a sense of adventure, who have some offbeat ideas for their wedding day. If that’s a match, we can’t wait to meet you!